3 juin 2011

A not so well kept secret.

Secrets of the model dorm,
By Amenda Kerlin and Phil Oh

  Very well writen book in which Amenda Kerlin (aka « Heather ») tells us about an the side of fashion we tend to ignore. We learn about what an ordinary model’s life in New York really really is like. Heather tells us about the widespread hope of gettingTHE campaign, the one that will start out every model’scareers. We also learn about the everyday life of the girls sharing this   « Dorrm », the way they act, the way they’re treated by the Agency.
Betrayal, Treason, Hypocrisy.
Easy to read with a very humorours style, very relaxing but still enriching and realistic. If you ever cross path with this book, don’t let it slip away.

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